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One of the most important issues about the Prophet is the infallibility of the Prophet. Although, this is an ancient issue in the theological and ideological discussions, but it is the most important Islamic theological discussions among the theologians and Islamic commentators. Some scholars believe that the infallibility of the Prophet is necessary for the mission of the Prophet, either before or after his appointment. This study intends to present an overview about the infallibility, definition of the problem, the history of infallibility, the main questions and sub-questions, hypotheses, research purposes and methodology. Then the research will involve in the theoretical foundations which include the scientific biography of Allame Tabatabaie and Fakhr Razi , research literature which comprises of semantics of infallibility, the literal and technical meaning of infallibility, infallibility in the Quran and infallibility from the viewpoint of two commentators as well. The conducive and origin of infallibility from the view of Shiite and Sunni commentator, the reasons for the need of infallibility of the Prophet and the comparative study between two views will be discussed here as well. At the end, the most important reasons about the mistakes and forgetfulness which attributed to the Prophet and a comparison between two views will be discussed.
Keywords : Comparative study, Infallibility, the Prophet, Allame Tabatabaie, Fakhr Razi
We all clearly know the educational role of believing in the world after death and understanding its issues. Therefore, all divine religions discuss about resurrection after talking about monotheism. An issue related to the world after death is the intermediary world to which men enter after meeting their determined death and experience a new life called intermediary life. The main question is whether all people of intermediary world re-experience death. Supposing that there is kind of death in intermediary world, do all creatures including men, angels and jinn experience it, or is a group immune from it? Contrary to most interpreters who deny death in intermediary world and exception of a group from such a death, the present paper analyzes the related Quranic verses, uses relevant hadiths, and tries to prove that in addition to this worldly death which is related to all creatures in the natural world, men and immaterial creatures such as angels experience death in the intermediary world, resurrect and depart toward the Resurrection, except a group of saints who are immune from the death in the intermediary world and its hardships.
Nader Mokhtari Efrakati - Rezwaneh Najafi Sawad Roodabadi
Keywords : intermediary death, the purifying, blowing of Trumpet, intermediary life
intertextuality is a concept that implies the existence of a basic text in the field of literature, critique, or science in relation to texts, that these texts deal directly or indirectly with the original text over time. Intertextuality and, in a sense the theory of interacting texts, is an important topic of attention of scholars and literary critics, and this new achievement in the field of literature studies the similarities, differences and the impact of a text from other texts, both in poetry and prose. The current paper aims at examining the poetic words of Mehdi Akhavan Sales and Ahmad Shamlou based on their relationship with the Qur'anic verses and narratives based on the intertextual theory of the direct or indirect borrowings of the terms. This is an applied analytical-descriptive paper based on intertextual theorists theoretical foundations to revealing the coherent structure of the work, the audience understands how the poets, with what literary tricks, include these revelatory themes in their poems and contrary to the beliefs of some critics, they have given their words a Quranic and religious tinge. In the end, it is concluded that, in spite of the critics' opinion about the thinking governing the poetry of Mehdi Akhavan Sales and especially Ahmad Shamlou, the Qur'anic and Islamic and religious beliefs are evident in their works.
Elham badloo - Abol-Ghasem Amir-Ahmadi - Ali Eshghi Sardehi
Keywords : Holy Quran, religious narrations, intertextual critique, Akhavan-Sales, Shamlou
from a long time ago, one of the basic concerns of mankind has been the creation of a safe environment and free of conflict, and in that regard, he has taken measures and efforts, including the establishment of institutions such as the Community of Nations, the United Nations, the Security Council... but he has not only failed to provide world peace that we saw more and more terrible wars. The roots of insecurity and war should be sought in the kind of political systems. Poverty, ignorance and despotism are the roots of insecurity, oppression and and international conflict. Liberal democracy has also failed to eliminate these factors. It seems that the supreme goal can be approached with the pattern of Mahdavi's universal government and its special features. Of course, these attributes Completely are dedicated to the Mahdavi's universal government, but Islamic governments, before they emerge, by pattern of that government, can -According to their efforts- achieve a certain degree of this attributes , and equally bring peace and security to their communities.
Ehsan Samani
Keywords : peace, security, justice, government structure, government characteristics
The impact of the religious in the security of society, emphasis on the theoretical functions on this subject, inability of the police to create sense of security and control , especially on the young people and student are topics which have always been considered. The aim of the present study is surveying the relationship between doing religious belief with sense of social security among the students of Arak university in 1394-95. Our method was descriptive-correlative. Our population was all of the bachelor student of arak university. Samples were estimated with the randomized random sampling , according to the Morgan and Kerjsi table. They are 366. The collecting tools was questionnaire about doing religious beliefs, sense of social security. Data analysis was performed on 366 subject, with use of multivariate correlation method and regression ( 85 students of arak university, 111 students from payame noor university, 50 students from faculty of medical sciences , 117 people from arak azad university). Our finding show that, there is positive relation between doing religious belief and sense of social security among students. Considering the subject that doing religious beliefs is a good predicator for sense of security, so; we can reinforce the belief among the students with offering the best solution. Doing the religious orders is one of the best way for sense of security among students.
Keywords : religious commitment, security, social security sense

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