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This article comparatively surveys the issue of "determinism" and "free will" among holy religions. According to the heavenly religions, we want to distinguish the stand of free will in human being; moreover, whether Allah has created him in determinism or thoroughly given him free will is in the question. Separately surveying these issues in all three religions, this article distinguishably circulates theirs experts' verdicts; furthermore, it compares and adapts their verdicts to each, considering the differences, and finally it selects the appreciated and complete one. Initially we took a look at the verdicts of Ash'arīyūn, Mu'tazilah, and Shiite in the school of Islam, then the verdicts of jewish experts such as Sa'dīyā, Ibrāhīm ibn 'adhrā, and Ibrāhīm ibn dāvūd have been discussed. The verdicts of christian experts like Saint Augustines, Pelagius, and their companions have been examined at the end
Keywords : Determinism, Free Will, Islam, Christianity, and Jew
The advent of the promised Imam Mahdi is one of the necessities in a religion that has been Imamia for several reasons it proved in Theology. And on the other hand, it is also fitted for field rather than doubt. Creating the right economic conditions and substrate in the most important and original is located in the direction of the field of the role and full color fitted storage have transition effects. In rising to present separate from the program and that there has been in the field of economic issues raised that to prove the program is located in the framework for the economy while compliance with the resistance, jurisprudence and Islamic culture, most near with the conditions for the emergence of the promised Imam Al-Mahdi is needed, can be fitted. Was trying to use the data loaders, library and an analysis of it, proving to be the divine tradition for the realization of the advent of the Imam Mahdi is not that the aforementioned purpose only to figure out the miracle and without interference, but also carried out under normal conditions and factors need to the appropriate economic conditions conditions that topped the attention and importance
Keywords : Culture and Islamic jurisprudence, economics of global government resistance, Imam Mahdi
The issue of infallibility of prophets is from the issues that has an important role in proving or denying the other religious beliefs; hence, it has always been an intellectual concern for Muslims. Considering the importance of this issue, the Quran has also discussed it. In the meantime, some non-Muslim thinkers, have considered verses of Quran as a reason to deny the infallibility of prophets, while most Muslim scholars have acceptable justification for those verses. meanwhile, some Muslim scholars by offering some verses of the Quran have intended to prove the infallibility of prophets. In this article we examine the most important verses by witch the infallibility of prophets from sins is being cited. In the meantime, among the Muslim scholars, Allameh Tabatabai by the Quran by the Quran, interpretation method, has been independently proven the infallibility of prophets, from sins. Therefore, the centrality of this article, is examining the point of view of this great thinker, although in some cases we have cited to other thinkers' views as well. Based on the findings of this article, the infallibility of the prophets from sin, only on the basis of some verses of the Quran, can be proved. And most of the verses in this regard are not able to prove this doctrine
Keywords : Infallibility, Prophets, Holy Quran, Sin, Innocent
The issue of visitation of God in views of theology and exegesis of Shia, Motazele and Ashaere are conflicting in two points with each other. Shiite and Motazele believe to refuse of vision and their belief is based on rational and textual. Ashaere believe to ability to meet God in this world and the occurrence of certain of it in hereafter and it is the result of the appearance of the verses and repeated texts and predecessor opinion. To be sure, this long-standing dispute is result of foundations and defaults that organize the hidden levels of the confrontation and its results. The importance of discussing from the topic "visitation of God" is checking and evaluation in the same principles and presuppositions of theology and interpretation. There are antithetical opinions in this topic and by this, could found about foundations of Islamic sects more than other topics and criticized them. Otherwise if ignore of the concerns of understanding and comparative criticism of principles and its reasons , the arguments about the visitation issue will be unfruitful and confirmed on the words of Seyyed Qotb: "Talk about the truth of God's vision is unfruitful and long-time discussion that Motazele and their opponents have overtaken from Sunni commentators and theologians. Because, they looked at this issue by land criteria and the worldly limited documents with the finite wistom. It should be noted that observed with the eye is the light rays that cover the visible object in front of the eye. So the image of the object role closed in mind and this view on the right of God is impossible; Because this requires is visible incarnation that limited and directed and all of these is impossible about the Lord and is rejected by the wisdom decree and affirmation of the Quran
Keywords : Vision, Corporality, Alameh Tabatabai, Fakhr Razi
Political participation and the rule of majority (democracy) is one of the new models and the achievements of modern civilization for the administration and management of the community. The complexity of managing society and the demands of the people and deployment of this extended model in advanced societies, remind our tasks in further understanding of this general right from the religious point of view. Interestingly, this pattern in a unique and at the same time sublime and brilliant form, 1,400 years ago in the reign of Imam Ali has been implemented. In this paper, the importance and amount of political participation in their own social destiny according to the Quran and Nahj al-Balagha and interpretation and analysis of some Islamic scholars has been examined
Keywords : Quran, Nahj al-Balagha, political participation, social freedom, political doctrines

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