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Vol. 32 No. 8
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Analyzing Wahhabis' doubts and classifying them can result in extracting their different kinds and awareness of the methods of raising doubts by them. In addition to presenting these methods, the present article tries to deal with the strategy of systematic criticism of each of these kinds of raising doubts. Analysis of these doubts and classifying them reveals that Wahhabis use four methods in raising doubts including: reviving past outdated doubts, raising doubts based on wrong beliefs, making use of sophistry, and making use of non-scientific methods like accusation along with propagation.
Abdolhadi Ahmadi -
Keywords : Methodology, Shia, Wahhabism, Doubt
The discussion of the alien words in the Qur'an and its relation to the Quran's verbal miracle is one of the key issues. In this context, four perspectives can be expressed in terms of: 1. The viewpoints of opponents (deniers). 2- Dictionary view. 3- Viewers of the contributors. 4. A moderate view. The moderate view that Abu Obaid Qassim bin Salam poses to actually modify the view of his professor Abu Obeidha, therefore, he says: "It seems to me right to take the sum of the two promises, that is, these alien words But the Arabs have defined them, they have emptied out of alien words, then the Qur'an has been revealed, so whoever says that these Arabic words are correct, and whoever says that they are alien are also correct. From the perspective of the viewers, the viewer's (3rd) views are stronger than all the chosen point of view.
Mohammad Amiri - fatemeh mazbanpoor - fatemeh mazbanpoor
Keywords : uran, verb miracle, alien vocabulary, Arabic language
Psychological warfare has become the most important tool in providing the material for stateless systems, given the dramatic progress that has been made in various areas of life, especially in the field of information technology and social affairs. Psychological warfare, although viewed from a historical perspective, dates back to the history of human wars, and, in the light of its dimensions, the realm of presence and influence, and the complexity, has made a great difference to the past. In the context of complicated situations in the field of human communication, psychological warfare is of great importance and is carried out in different ways. Given the importance of this issue in the present situation and the use of the enemies of Islam in this way to undermine the stability and stability of Islamic society, the present paper, in view of this concern, seeks to use some of the texts of jurisprudence and the instances of psychological warfare from the point of view Public jurisprudence, and its significance has been examined from this perspective. The findings of this research show that psychological warfare as a systemic effort to strengthen the morale of the forces of Islam and through the weakening and degradation of the spirit of the enemy of Islam, especially in the field of war, has been addressed by the jurists and Rooted in religious beliefs.
seyed hasan chavoshi - seyed mohamad mehdi ahmadi
Keywords : religious beliefs, Psychological warfare, Ghader, Allah, Quran, Islamic teachings
One of the consequences for organizational spirituality based on the Islamic values is organizational citizenship behavior which is doing those actions that are more than routine tasks but are useful for others and the organization without any expectation. The aim of this study is to explore the interrelationships among organizational spirituality criteria based on Islamic values and organizational citizenship behavior in medical devises industry using DEMATEL technique. For this purpose, in the first step, 11 criteria were identified including 4 criteria for organizational spirituality and 7 criteria for organizational citizenship behavior. DEMATEL technique was applied based on the opinions of the 22 experts. Results advocated the important role of Religiosity and individual spirituality in improving organizational citizenship behaviors. Further the results confirmed the significance of positive thinking, alignment with values, trusteeship, work with meaning and sense of solidarity in the organization.
Ehsan Sadeh - Zeinolabedin Amini Sabegh - Alireza Nobari
Keywords : Organizational Spirituality, Islamic Values, Religiosity, Organizational Citizenship, DEMATEL
The truth of the governorship is that it is a divine word. Its principle is constant in the heavens. "Governorship" has its own levels and steps, its laws and its provisions are numerous based on its dimensions. Guardianship is one of the most important issues of mysticism which realizes in perfect human. This world is the same as the appearance of God, and the Lord is present in his own manifestation. Therefore, human as a part of this world is the manifestation of God. Here, the concept of guardianship is meaningful. The perfect guardian is who has all the attributes of God, and this person is no other than the true prophet. The system of the world and the afterworld depends on the existence of the Muhammadiyah truth. Such a truth is the lord of all manifestations due to the credit of Guardianship principle. The truth of Muhammadiyah is the main pole of the universe, which all Prophets and Divine Guardians are the ranks of this great name. His prophecy includes all kinds of absence and intuition, and when it is realized in a person, it is divided into a special and popular guardianship. The special guardianship is the source of prophecy, and as one of the divine names is eternal, but prophecy ends over time. Perfect Guardian rule the world based on divine attributes. Therefore, the Guardianship position is the Great Divine Book and the version of great world. This study seeks to examine the connection between these three concepts of the guardianship, prophecy and prophetic mission and analyses the principle of prophecy and prophetic mission, which is the same guardianship position.
Mohammad Ebrahim Zarrabiha
Keywords : Guardianship, Muhammadiyah truth, Prophecy, Prophetic mission, Names and Attributes of God, Intrinsic Dominance, Appearance and Embodiment

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