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Vol. 4 No. 8 Winter 2019

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13971026166937 Methodology of How Wahhabis Raise Doubts and Its Systematic Criticism
Abdolhadi Ahmadi
2 13971026166938 The verbal miracle of the Quran and the existence of the alien words in it
Mohammad Amiri
fatemeh mazbanpoor
fatemeh mazbanpoor
3 13971027166960 Psychological warfare from the perspective of Islamic teachings, with emphasis on the Qur'an and the views of the jurisprudents of Sunni religions
seyed hasan chavoshi
seyed mohamad mehdi ahmadi
4 13971027166961 Determining the role of organizational spirituality based on the Islamic values in enhancing organizational citizenship behavior in medical devises industry using DEMATEL
Ehsan Sadeh
Zeinolabedin Amini Sabegh
Alireza Nobari
5 13971027166962 Guardianship and its relation to prophecy and mission in mysticism
Mohammad Ebrahim Zarrabiha
6 13971027166963 The conceptual model of realism Emphasizing the political thought and behavior of Imam Ali
Abbasali Rahbar
Mahmoud Shariati
7 13971027166964 Analysis dissident's atheism from the viewpoint of the narratives and Imams' jurists
ehsan avazpoor
Ali Pourjavhari
Mohammad Ali Heidari
8 13971027166965 Challenges of the Qur'anic Intellectual Principles in the Critique Shiites
Mahdi Fathi
ahmad moradkhani
Hosin Alavimehr
9 13971027166966 Nasser Khosrow's Identification and Educational Voters' Voting and Its Conjugation with Hajviri Opinions
Habibollah Gorgich
10 13971027166967 Value Orientated and Resistance Culture in the Modernist Poetry of the Post-Sacred Defense Era from 1991 to 2011
Ali Eshghi
Abolghasem AmirAhmadi
11 13971027166970 Comparative study of the goals of punishment in the beliefs and beliefs of customary law and Islamic teachings
Amir Vatani
Amir hasan niaz poor
Farzad Askari
12 13971027166971 Belief and Legal Context of Protecting the Citizenship Rights of the Bank to the Iranian Administrative System
Moein Sabahi Garaghani
Abolfazl Ranjbarie
Gholam Hossein Massoud

Vol. 3 No. 8 Autumn 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13970708164673 Mystical Spiritual Dangers in Poem Concepts in Brotherhood Poems
2 13970722164996 Comparative Study on the infallibility of the Prophet from the viewpoint of Allame Tabatabie and Fakhr Razi
3 13970722164997 Intermediary Death from the View of the Holy Quran
Nader Mokhtari Efrakati
Rezwaneh Najafi Sawad Roodabadi
4 13970722164998 The study of belief components of in Mehdi Akhavan Sales and Ahmad Shamlou poetry from the perspective of intertextual critique
Elham badloo
Abol-Ghasem Amir-Ahmadi
Ali Eshghi Sardehi
5 13970722164999 Indicators of Mahdavi's rule of peace and security
Ehsan Samani
6 13970722165000 The aim of the present study is surveying the relationship between doing religious belief with sense of social security among the students of Arak university in 1394-95
7 13970722165001 The role of religious beliefs in the custody of women and the goodwill of couples
Ilnaz Ali Nejad
Seyyed Mehdi Salehi
Reza Nikkhah Saranaghi
8 13970722165002 The basis of philosophy of contract realization
jalil ghanavati
omid gholamalitabar firozjaiee
9 13970722165003 The Place and Importance of Corona (Compassion) in the Madagasian School of Buddhism and the Khorasan School of Islamic Sufism
Fereshteh Naeimi
Abolfazl Mahmoudi
10 13970722165004 Examining the Role of Religious Beliefs in Protecting the Rights of Women Focused on Family Protection Law
Nafiseh Nekouie Mehr
Atefeh Hosseini Far
11 13970722165005 Mystical Spiritual Dangers in Poem Concepts in Brotherhood Poems
Leila Sayegani
Habib Jadidol-eslami Ghale No

Vol. 2 No. 8 Summer 2018
Vol. 1 No. 8 Spring 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13970217123147111967 Review and critique of Ibn Sina's reasons for self-denial
Faryal Eskandari
mohammad saedimehr
amirabas alizamani
2 13970217175046111973 Historical and social backgrounds The emergence of practical Sufism in Islamic culture
Mahmud Ghayoumzadeh
3 13970218165024111991 Reaincarnation according to Sadra
Hamid Rezania
Mohammad Hassan Motie
4 1397021817179111992 The study of Mohammad Rashid Reza's views on the Hadith
Akhtar Soltani
Mehdi Mehrizi
5 13970218172012111993 Analysis of the effect of persian principles based on the world view of Onsorolmoali in qaboosnameh
mohammad farhadi
Sina Forouzesh
reza shabani
6 13970218172214111995 Islamic Economics (Indicators of Economic Morality based on Quran and Nahj al-Balaghah)
Hamed Fath'aliani
seyed hamid hoseini
7 13970218172430111996 Looking at the verses and narrations from the perspective of the Bahraini
aliahmad naseh
zahra mola ghalghachi
fatemeh mohamadzadeh
8 13970218172641111997 The investigation of Nasser Khusrow's interpretationand scholastic theology reviews based on Qur'an Verses in the Poems
Shahrokh Hekmat
Abolfazl Nick Ahd

Vol. 4 No. 7 Winter 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139612101722891073 Immortality of the Qur'an and its relation to the Quran commentators (Ahl al-Bayt (as))
Maryam Ishaqzadeh
Seyed mohammad noorollahi
2 13961210175191074 An Investigation of Humanism of Contemporary Poets from the Point of View of Epistemology
mohsen Izadyar
3 139612101772691075 Historical Review of the Formation of Islamic Fundamentalism in Pakistan
mahdi imani
Kyhan Barzegar
4 1396121017113591076 Hazrat Zaynab Kobra's (S) feature in Farsi poetry
Ahmad Zakeri
Mohammad Ali Rahimi
5 1396121017192591077 Comparative study of austerity and self-perfection in Islam with Indian religions and Buddhism
omid sadeghpour
Reza Shabani
sina forozesh
6 139612101722391078 Fakhr al-Din al-Razi on the Role of Satan in Occurrence of Moral Evil
Akram Salehi
7 1396121017244591079 A Study on the Truth of the Constituency in the Viewpoint of Plotinus
mohammad dehghan tazereh
mohammad reza shamshiri
8 1396121017264091080 The meaning of existence and existence with Husserl's phenomenology and Transcendental wisdom
Seyed Mohammad Amin Madaen
Ali Haghi
Abbas Javarshakiyan
9 1396121017282391081 Revision of the psychological pillar of crime in the crime of biodiversity and the Islamic view of it
seyed mahmoods mirkhalili
Abuzar Salari Far

Vol. 1 No. 7 Autumn 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 1396101118154530022 Imam Reza's Tolerance and Tolerance with Shiite uprisings up to 201 Hijri
2 1396101118245730023 Zaidi and Imāmī relations during the Al-Kiya era
3 139610111830730024 The Effectiveness of Teaching Philosophy for Children on Students' Affective Control
4 1396101118362230025 The effect of spirituality group therapy in the reduction of psychiatric disorders symptoms among partners of veterans with war-related PTSD
5 1396101118421830026 Effect spiritual intelligence on professional ethic in Medical Staff Challos Haspital
6 139610111846230027 Religious education in the curriculum of religion and life Second high school in the viewpoint of the experts
7 1396101118503330028 The study of philosophical foundations of postmodernism emphasizing Max Horkheimer's view: And the implications of this educational perspective in education
8 1396101118533430029 Content analysis of Sahifa Sajjadiya
9 1396101118573930030 Joiner requirements and any rights from the perspective of Masnavi
10 13961011193930031 Studying the Moral Concepts Homogeneous with Fitra in Islamic Teachings
11 13961011196930032 Comparative Comparison of anthropological components from the perspective of Farabi and the fundamental transformation document
12 1396101119105530033 The relationship between social identity and Relapse in marginal areas of Kermanshah
13 1396101119151730034 Explanation of Spiritual and Psychological Health Based on the Religious Attitude in Youth Athletes
14 1396101119205030035 Effectiveness of programs teaching philosophy for children on Citizenship ethics and its components in female students
15 1396101119255530036 Origin and approach of knowledge and innate religious art

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